Pizza Crust Manufacturer

Find out why so many chefs and establishments who are in need of a ready to go crust are using The Original Baker's Dozen and delivering better, tastier, and more appetizing pizza quicker than ever.

Food Service Information

                                                                            The Original Baker's Dozen - wholesale Pizza Crusts

                                                                                    Quality pizza manufacturer of wholesale pizza dough.

                                          Manufacturing Finished Pizzas • Par baked crusts for food service operators and wholesale pizza crusts.

                                             High quality pizza crust - Hand Crafted Pizza Kits -  Private Labeling and map packaging for  retail operations

                                                                The Original Baker's Dozen - specializes in high quality wholesale pizza products and pizza kits.

         Wholesale pizza crusts and wholesale pizza dough for hotels, Restaurants, and distributors nationwide.- Specializing in wholesale shelf stable pizza crust.


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